Amber Teething Necklaces – succinic acid as pain relief
Nibbling has hand selected the highest quality cognac and lemon pure organic baltic amber teething necklaces for your baby. Designed for babies to wear from 3 months onwards as a natural pain reliever during teething. Although not to be chewed on, it is believed that the Baltic Amber, when warmed by your babies skin, releases a natural succinic acid which helps with teething pain.

Succinic acid has an incredible influence on our bodies. It is involved in several chemical processes, which are mostly related to our metabolism. It is an ancient remedy that has been used for thousands of years, the highest quantity of which is found in the Baltic Amber used in our necklaces. With an ever-increasing list of harmful side effects for traditional medications, succinic acid is a natural solution to battle pain related issues, including the pain that comes with teething.

Healing properties of amber
Amber is a prehistoric pine resin which has fossilised over the millennia. Most of the world’s amber is between 30-90 million years old. Before the healing properties were fully known, a lot of superstition surrounded the use of amber. Ancient civilisation believed that Baltic amber (succinic acid) could drive away evil spirits that caused colds or the flu. This superstition turned out to be more accurate than you might think, as succinic acid does help strengthen the immune system, which in turn lowers your risk of contracting a cold or the flu.
One of the biggest benefits of succinic acid is that it is used to alleviate colic symptoms in teething babies. Babies are constantly in pain when they begin teething, which can be incredibly upsetting for both parents and baby. If Amber is used in the form of a necklace, the succinic acid is released when the necklace is worn close to the baby’s skin. The acid is then absorbed into the baby’s skin, inducing a calming effect.

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