Bola Pregnancy Necklace: Silver Bola with Rose Gold Star

This classic Silver bola with a Rose Gold star on a sterling Silver chain is the perfect pregnancy piece.
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A tradition from Mexico often known as the ‘Angel Caller’, our Bola’s have a harmony ball inside which sits perfectly onto your bump for your baby to hear and learn the sound of, this then becomes a comforting sound once the baby has been born.
Gift wrapping:
The Bola pregnancy necklace is a piece of jewellery which originated from Mexico. It is also known as an angel caller. When gently shaken gently it releases a soothing and harmonious sound. The ‘Bola’ is a small 2cm ball with a bell which chimes as you move, the sound of which is thought to be calming for babies throughout pregnancy.
This is the sound your baby then becomes familiar with when developing in the womb. When the baby is born they recognise this sound and it can instantly comfort them as it is a noise they are used to hearing.
A Bola pregnancy necklace is a timeless and perfect gift to yourself during this special time or for a special mother to be.
Product Information and Care:
Silver plated chiming Bola pendant
Rose Gold Star charm
Custom length 115cm sterling Silver chain
Nibbling leatherette jewellery gift box and information card
Handmade in London
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