Hippychick are all about making parents’ lives easier. When life is easier, it’s more fun! The name is quite cute and fluffy and so are many of our products but are also very practical and hard-working. Hippychick expect a lot from their products. As a parent, when you use something every day, it’s often the little details that count. We notice those things too.

  • Good design is everything.
  • Products work well and are a pleasure to use.
  • They are made to last and to be handed on.
  • They all have something unique: whether it’s their fabric, their versatility, or a simpler, smarter way of doing things.
  • Many have won prestigious Nursery Industry and press award

Hippy Chick

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Hippychick Packasuit

These fabulous All in One kids' waterproof suits are packable, lightweight and breathable, yet still warm and cosy. They fold away neatly in their own little compact bags making them so easy to take with you on days out with the family.


A modern twist on a classic baby essential. Made from 100% cotton, handpicked and crafted in India, the open weave cell construction of the blanket traps air which helps keep your baby warm in winter and cool in the summer. It is an ideal new baby gift and an absolute necessity for any hospital bag. Suitable from birth – for when you are out and about or just at home.