Blade & Rose

Blade & Rose is a leading British children’s clothing brand specialising in a trendsetting range of leggings and clothing accessories. Each piece of the collection is unique and has the trademark design on the bum. A major component of the development was to ensure that the quality of the fabric was durable, functional, would wash well and most importantly, that was soft and kind to children’s delicate skin.


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Blade&Rose Llama Leggings

Meet our friendly Llama! A vision in bright pinks, with a smiley and fluffy face she is sure to be a hit with your little one!

Blade&Rose Elf Leggings

Elf Leggings Christmas will be looking very cool in these red and white striped leggings with an elf on the bum and a fluffy christmas tree on each cuff.

Blade&Rose Robin Leggings

Robin Leggings Christmas will be looking very cool in these grey striped leggings with fluffy robin on the bum and cute reindeer face on each cuff.

Blade&Rose Santa Leggings

Santa Leggings Christmas will be looking very cool in these striped leggings with Santa on the bum.

Blade&Rose Snowman Leggings

These festive grey and cream striped leggings make for a perfect outfit for Winter babies and little ones – lovely and soft and designed for comfort. The spandex content means there is no sagging at the knees, with a super soft waist band, so these will keep your babies super cosy and comfortable whether moving about, or fast asleep.

Blade&Rose I Believe Top

Your little one will be looking festive in this long sleeve cotton red top with the words I Believe on the front. Designed to match all the Holiday leggings and matching accessories.

Blade&Rose Pink Star Lace Up Wellies

Pink Star lace up wellies.

Blade&Rose Plane Lace Up Wellies

Plane lace up wellies.

Blade&Rose Bear Leggings

Big friendly brown bear will have you smiling with his little soft fluffy face. He sits on the bum of striped red and blue leggings with yellow cuffs.

Blade&Rose Weather leggings

Rainy days are something to celebrate with these weather pattern leggings. Cute little clouds with multi coloured rain drops and stars with a bright and beautiful rainbow and cloud on the bum.

Blade&Rose Flying Unicorn Leggings

These knitted teal and hot pink unicorn leggings are hot to trot. Featuring our unique unicorn on the bottom, and two more on the front, these are joyous leggings in a riot of colour.

Blade&Rose Bright Sheep Leggings

These multicoloured wide striped leggings are what dreams are made of. A fluffy grey sheep on the bottom and just above the cuffs on the front.

Blade&Rose Ladybird Leggings

Classic navy and white stripe with a red trim and a lovely ladybird on the bottom. There are even 2 extra little ladybugs on the front, just above the cuffs.

Blade&Rose Bold Hedgehog Leggings

A bold charcoal and bright green striped legging with fun green hedgehog on the bum. This unisex design is sure to be popular with our little woodland adventurers.

Fluffy Chipmunk Leggings

Designed for scurrying around, these stretchy leggings with a fluffy chipmunk on the bum, are super comfortable. Marl grey with a tonal teal. Stripe and a little character just above the cuffs to the front of the legging.

Blade&Rose Rainbow Sweater

After any rainy spells, comes a rainbow! Blade & Rose new sweater is the perfect rainbow lovers option.